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TeamHelper is an integrated suite of products that is used for team and leadership development.
For Professors: Professors can schedule each of the TeamHelper instruments and guides described below as often as preferred. Professors may also choose to schedule only one or two of the products in any given course, or use the entire suite of TeamHelper products.
For Students: TeamHelper strengthens team dynamics by giving students tools and insights critical to developing more effective behaviors when working in teams. TeamHelper is designed to provide complementary learning to what is happening in and out of the classroom while helping students become better team members and leaders.
TeamHelper consists of 7 instruments and guides that can be used individually or collectively at each stage of the team process. It includes:
The Instructor's Overview and Team Effectiveness Presentation provide information on how to create and structure a dynamic team development experience for students. More
The Team Charter Guide offers advice on how to create a working agreement for the team that spells out expectations, norms and roles for team members. More
The Team Personal Styles Inventory (T-PSI) gives students insight into their own personal styles of behavior and how they can be most effective with that style in their teams. More
The Team Feedback Survey (TFS) enables individuals to understand how their own self-perception compares with the perceptions of their teammates on two critical categories of team-related behavior. More
The Feedback Review Session (FRS) provides a framework to do a self-managed peer review of team process and individual contribution and effectiveness. More
The Individual Contribution Scale (ICS) provides instructors with an assessment of the contributions of all team members. More
Articles & Reference Materials offer information related to the development of team effectiveness. More